Girls Code it Better

In this competition, Italy is playing with only half of the team: without the girls.
The female universe, in fact, hardly chooses professional paths in the STEM field, in the false belief that they are not “good”. Therefore, with difficulty or in an inconsistent number, girls approach the fields of greatest appeal to the labor market.

The decision to allocate the initiative starting with young people in first grade secondary schools responds to the need to bring them closer, at an early age, to information technology and technological innovation, facilitating a more conscious orientation open to all fields of study.

Girls Code It Better wants to trigger a mechanism to encourage girls to consider training courses and STEM careers.

What we aim at is also to enhance skills that are transversal to all training areas and highlight how digital is placed in the interconnection between humanities and scientific disciplines, encouraging their creative drive. Girls Code it Better relies on the guidance and operational tools of the Lepida Scuola method, adapting it to the typicality of the project.


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