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What would we like to do

Know how to “read” the labor market, analyze it and build truly active initiatives and projects that lead to greater inclusion, especially for those who start from a situation of competitive disadvantage.

For us, being in the world means knowing how to predict changes and to take care to face their challenges. Not everyone is in a position to be able to participate actively, as citizens and workers.

The distance that is determined risks generating strong exclusion and marginalization from society. Our goal is to helping people to develop solid self-awareness, of its value and its means, to find a center of gravity, a starting point from which to move towards the future.


How do we see the world

A more inclusive, open society that knows how to value people and that knows how to connect the idea of work with that of training, knowledge and knowledge.

Training, updating, recovering useful knowledge and experience is an essential step to allow those who are left behind to recover the gap in a satisfactory and timely manner and find their place in society. Officina Futuro can reach out and facilitate this recovery.

Officina Futuro will be responsible for

Create culture
of the work
and in the work
new and different
and re-insert figures
Working over 50
projects and activities
The disparities
And the stereotypes
And look for
To reorient

Our projects

Girls Code it Better

Despite being suited to STEM professions, only a small percentage of girls undertake scientific studies. This is how the Girls Code it Better project was born, which involves girls from secondary schools.

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November 26-27 — GCIB at the General States of the Digital School


GCIB was also invited to take part on 26 and 27 November in the 6th edition of the “States General of the Digital School” — the traditional event organized by USR Lombardia, the Municipality of Bergamo and the “Learn Digital” Association that aims to take stock of the theme of innovation and the digitalization of teaching and learning systems in our country and which this year will be held in Bergamo.

Code&Tell, the girls from GCIB tell


Saturday, April 17, from 2:30pm to 6:30pm, marks the closing of the 7th edition of Girls Code It Better! During the online event organized for the occasion, the girls from the 2020-2021 clubs will talk about their creative and discovery journey within GCIB.

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