A really
active project

Result of 20 years of knowledge of the job market

The Officina Futuro project is based on the conviction that it is primarily people and the enhancement of their skills that are the determining factors for the country's success. The inclusion and integration of all typicalities enriches. Officina Futuro was born from W Group's experience with people and from the need to promote a welcoming future even for those who find themselves in a condition of fragility.

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Who are we

The goal

What do we want to be

A point of reference to guide and give new possibilities.

Officina Futuro wants to be at the side of those people who, at a difficult time in their lives or in an unfavorable historical moment, see themselves as unsuitable and inactive, without concrete possibilities of realizing themselves on a professional level.
Officina Futuro can guide those young people who too often feel inadequate to face the present and the future, those who often have insufficient skills, offering them development projects in line with their individual attitudes and needs.

fields of action

Officina Futuro will be responsible for:

• orientation and reorientation
• gender equality and the breaking of stereotypes
• enhancement and re-employment of people over 50
• different abilities
• work culture and work culture
• reception and support through targeted and inclusive projects

Who is it for

What initiatives does Officina Futuro promote:

Projects: long-scheduled events

Workshops: short training events (1-3 days)
or single date, courses of a few meetings.

Talks: speech/motivational events or meetings
with leading personalities from various sectors


The overall action of Officina Futuro is divided into initiatives that aim to deepen all aspects and issues related to the inclusion of people, the development of potential, research and the dissemination and dissemination of good practices, to work together with the territory, institutions, people and generate change.

The activities